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About Sandfield Penstock Solutions

Committed to supporting businesses to mitigate the risk of water pollution from spills, floods and firewater through industry leading technology and advice.

About Sandfield Penstock Solutions

Sandfield Penstock Solutions is a division of Sandfield Engineering who have been been delivering high quality engineering products and services for more than sixty years. Sandfield Engineering are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of clamping and holding solutions including Toggle Clamps, Power Clamps as well as supplying a range of Automation Products and Custom Engineered Solutions.

Sandfield Engineering  work with some of the worlds most renowned manufacturers including Jaguar Landrover, Volvo, JCB, Ford, Aston Martin, Kellogs and household names in retail and distribution including Marks & Spencers, Tescos, DHL, and DPD supporting them to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Sandfield Engineering formed Sandfield Penstock Solutions to providing cost effective, non-disruptive solutions to water pollution prevention that are accessible to all businesses. Sandfield Penstock Solutions work with Environmental Managers, Facilities Managers, HSE’s, Spill Control Managers, Drainage Engineers, Drainage Design Engineers, and anyone else looking to ensure that their spill containment and water pollution prevention systems and processes are effective in the event of a spill, fire or flood.

Sandfield Penstock Solutions provide site specific solutions to water pollution containment drawing on our in-depth, specialist knowledge of the latest regulations and technology for water pollution containment, flood management and firewater control. Sandfield Penstock Solutions are pioneers in the design and manufacture of purpose designed water pollution containment devices which are solar powered, connected to the GSM network for remote and automated activation and modular in design to fit into existing drainage systems and infrastructure with a minimum of cost and disruption. Sandfield Penstock Solutions  continue to invest in developing real time monitoring, reporting systems and new ways of triggering our devices in the event of a pollution incident to ensure that the systems that we provide remain future proof and provide our customers with the very best protection against the risk of causing water pollution.

In recent years corporate responsibility and accountability for the environment has grown. It is now a crime to cause water pollution punishable with considerable fines, clean up costs and in the most extreme or negligent cases imprisonment. Our belief is that no business would knowingly damage its reputation and lose time and money repairing the environment from a pollution event that could have been prevented. Our mission is to provide businesses with the most affordable advice and solutions to remove the cost and disruption barrier to preventing water pollution. We understand that all businesses operate with a host of risks, Sandfield Penstock Solutions are here to support you to understand your specific risk and work with you to implement the most cost effective, non-disruptive solution. Failure to understand the potential of water or ground pollution from a spill, flood or fire is a huge, avoidable mistake that many companies make every year.

If spill containment and CIRIA c736 compliance is currently a consideration for you please do not hesitate to call 0330 223 4372 or email us, we will be very happy to discuss our solutions with you.

“Our mission is to eliminate all pollution from industrial spills and fires by listening to our customers and supporting them to exceed their environmental expectations.”

Carl Tebbett

Managing Director , Sandfield Penstock Solutions


Carl Tebbett

Carl Tebbett

Managing Director

Carl is the technical lead at Sandfield with 30 years experience designing and developing a host of engineering solutions including clamping and work holding systems. Carl is responsible for all research and development including innovations to existing products and development of new systems. 

Dawn Tebbett

Dawn Tebbett

Managing Director

Dawn started her career as a Geotechnical Engineer working for a number of major Construction and Consulting Engineering Companies internationally. Since joining Sandfield in 1997 Dawn has been responsible for business development and establishing an engineering team which continues to go from strength to strength. 

David Cole MSEE

David Cole MSEE

Technical Director

David is a pioneer of the spill containment and water pollution prevention industry with 30 years experience. He was instrumental in the development  and presentation of CIRIA c736 with The Environment Agency and is passionate about preventing water pollution.

Darren Shepherd

Darren Shepherd

Service Manager

Darren has over 25 years experience in drainage since starting his career in drain jetting and reline repairs, before running teams on commercial, domestic and highways contracts. Darren has also worked for water companies and other leading commercial drainage users. Darren has a vast experience of drainage networks and troubleshooting drainage challenges.


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