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Flusher Valve

The Flusher Valve  the simple and effective solution to prevent drains from blocking and reducing jetting and dosing costs.   

Flusher is a unique patented valve designed to clean and keep drains and sewers clean and clear.

 The principal benefits of Flusher are to keep drains flowing at full bore, reduce flooding, reduce and/or remove expensive reactive and scheduled jetting operations, reduce dosing costs and alleviate rodent control

The valve stores the natural flow for short periods of time and at a predetermined hydraulic head an automated gate releases the flow sending a surge flow through the pipe work.

This repeated flushing action takes place without power and eliminates the need for jetting, so offers both large cost benefit and carbon footprint.

The flusher can be built into new drainage network or retrofitted into existing drains.

The drain and sewer network are carefully designed to manage day to day discharges as well as manage more frequently occurring weather events.

However, day to day flow is usually slow and only in the lower part of the pipe.  This allows the build-up of sediment and debris and FOG.  The long standing issue of Fat, Oil and grease contamination, Fatbergs in sewers has been highlighted, when soluble fats within wastewater cool against the pipework wall they congeal and adhere to the pipe wall and build up in layers, gradually obstructing the pipe.

Hydraulic function and attenuation are dramatically altered when pipe work is restricted.

Traditionally obstructions in the drains are removed by jetting.  Water jetting scours pipework removing its smoothness and can cause premature wear in pipes which undergo regular jetting.  Any structural damage or cracks will be exacerbated, and pipes may require relining

 Jetting costs can be extremely extensive particularly if required on a regular basis.  With an average daily cost of £900/day to cleaning no more than 500m of 225mm pipe.

The Flusher self-cleans and maintains the drains and removes the need for regular jetting.

 In addition to the reduction in jetting Flusher will also enhance dosing performance and reduce dosing volumes by as much as 75%.  Dosing to reduce FOG is an expensive procedure and only treats the area of the pipe within the limit of the dry level flow.  SO doesn’t prevent the build up of fog in the upper parts of the pipework.

 When Flusher is used combined with dosing , the full bore release of water means that the dose material coats all surfaces within the drain.  Instead of allowing a constant trickle of dosing fluid the periodic controlled release significantly reduces the overall volume of liquid used.


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