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Water Pollution Prevention Training

The design of effective pollution containment systems relies on an in depth knowledge of environmental law and the role of the regulator, you are most likely busy with your business. Our experts were a key role in shaping and presenting CIRIA c736 and we are very happy to provide advice and support if you have questions.

Water Pollution Prevention Training

The design, implementation, maintenance and operation of effective water pollution prevention systems and processes relies on an in-depth and up to date knowledge of the regulations, the role of the regulator and the latest technology.

At Sandfield Penstock Solutions we are uniquely placed to provide CIRIA c736 and water pollution prevention training as our technical Director, David Cole, was on the project steering group that produced the guidance.

Sandfield Penstock Solutions provide training focussed on the latest water pollution regulations and technology. This training is designed for Site Designers, Environmental Managers, Facilities Managers, HSE’s, Spill Control Managers, Drainage Engineers, Drainage Design Engineers and anyone else looking to ensure that their water pollution prevention knowledge is up to date.

“We found David’s presentation very interesting and informative, he covered some very important points which we were not all aware of and was happy to answer questions.  He obviously has a very good knowledge of the subject and was able to explain his points in a way which was clear and easy for everyone to understand.”
Caroline Brear

Melia Smith & Jones

“It was engaging throughout and you could clearly see how passionate David was about the subject. He was very helpful with answering any questions and giving guidance on where to find the specific and relevant documents. We would definitely look to get David back in for another seminar should there be any changes to legislation and documentation in the future.”
Tyler Andrews

Civil Engineering Technician , Stuart Michael Associates

How do Sandfield Penstock Solutions deliver water pollution prevention training?

At Sandfield Penstock Solutions we understand that the biggest hurdle to implementing effective water pollution prevention systems and processes is access to honest, useful information.

Penstock Sandfield Solutions are on a mission to produce usable water pollution content and make it as accessible as possible.

We deliver this content in a number of ways including:

  • Learning Lunch CPD Sessions

Learning Lunch CPD are typically 40 minute sessions provided on our customer sites at lunch time, we provide the lunch and the training – you provide the participants. We are happy to tailor this content so that it meets the precise requirements of your team. 

Important Notice: As of March 2020 we are not currently providing on-site training – we are keen to recommence these sessions once social distancing restrictions are relaxed.

  • Online CPD Sessions

The content for the online CPD sessions is exactly the same as the Learning Lunch sessions except they are delivered online.

In light of the current social distancing restrictions as of April 2020 we have good availability and the facility to present our water pollution prevention training online to your teams working from home.

  • Webinars

Sandfield Penstock Solutions aim to produce and present a new webinar quarterly. The webinars are open to anyone who wishes to attend. 

We have to date produced and presented four webinars including:

  • Presentations and Talks

Sandfield Penstock Solutions are always happy to provide speakers for conferences, exhibitions or association meetings.

Some of the organisations and events that we have presented for include: 

  • APEA (Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration)
  • EA / COMAH officers on spill containment and spill mapping
  • CATCH – An industry-led partnership supporting the process, energy, engineering and renewable industries in the Humber region.
  • CIRIA c736 – Launch Speaker, Barbican London
  • FORD Environmental, Dunton – CIRIA736 Presentation
  • BBC Midlands Today
  • Big TV Birmingham
  • Water Pollution Prevention Blog

Sandfield Penstock Solutions have been posting regular on our blog for more than 18 months.

The Water Pollution Prevention Blog now has more than 70 posts including the latest Water Pollution Prevention News and our Water Pollution Prevention Knowledge Bank.

To get the latest posts in your inbox you can subscribe here: 

What do Sandfield Penstock Solutions cover in our water pollution prevention training?

All of the training that Penstock Solutions provide can be tailored to meet the precise requirements of your team.

Sandfield Penstock Solutions offer water pollution training CPD sessions on topics including:

  • Pollution Containment Devices and CIRIA c736
  • Water Pollution and Environmental Permits
  • Environmental Fines and Water Pollution
  • Environmental Liability, Reputation Damage and Insurance
  • Leveraging existing assets as part of your water pollution prevention systems.

If spill containment and CIRIA c736 compliance is currently a consideration for you please do not hesitate to call 0330 223 4372 or email us, we will be very happy to discuss our solutions with you.


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